The .Leclerc, a secure and recognized space

The .Leclerc was created to represent and position the well-known trademarks Leclerc and E.Leclerc, the most distinctive of the Movement Leclerc at the highest level of the DNS hierarchy.

ACDLec, registry of the .Leclerc, wishes to provide the community and its members a recognizable and trusted identification on the Internet. The extension will increase the visibility of the official communication of the brand.

The .Leclerc also allows members of the community and end users interested in goods, services and activities of Leclerc to have a secure Internet environment, and to fight more effectively against any phishing attempt.

This new extension is also intended to reassure the users about the ownership of commercial sites to the Movement, which were originally created on various extensions (e.g. www.leclercdrive.fr or www.lemanegeabijoux.com). Customers can have confidence in the sites in .Leclerc as they necessarily belong to the Movement.

The .Leclerc increases the visibility of the brand and allows to communicate more directly with you.