What is ACDLec

ACDLec ("Association des Centres Distributeurs E.Leclerc") is the body that provides members the right to use the Leclerc brands, which defines the strategical objectives of the "Movement Leclerc" and which ensures that its core values ​​are respected and well used by members and affiliates.
ACDLec works closely with GALEC to create and manage brands of the Movement.

ACDLec was created in July 21, 1964, 15 years after the opening of the first E.Leclerc Center by Edouard Leclerc. The association is in compliance with the principles proposed by Edouard Leclerc:

  • Member independence,
  • Pricing Policy in favor of the consumers,
  • Solidarity and security within the Movement
  • Social vocation of the company,
  • Protection of the market economy.

The association particularly ensures the communication of the founding principles of the Movement, contributes to consumer education, ensures the protection and development of the brand Leclerc as well as the related trademarks and logos.

ACDLec is the body that represents the interests of members and affiliates of the Movement.

ACDLec is now the registry of the .Leclerc. This is the entity that will manage the .Leclerc and set the strategy for the registration of domain names in this extension.

This association is also the only owner of domain names in .Leclerc to ensure the legitimacy of the sites in this extension.